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Through its different channels, in five days BBVA has collected €1.5 million for the Haiti earthquake victims

Spain stands behind Haiti


  •  The Spanish people have once again shown their solidarity. In five days, through BBVA's physical and virtual channels, they have donated over €1.5 million
  • Earlier, BBVA contributed €1 million to help address this humanitarian tragedy
  • To simplify and streamline the contribution process, the bank has created a payment channel at www.colaboraconhaiti.com, which allows people to make contributions with a single click of the mouse and to obtain the corresponding tax exemption certificate
  • The money raised, along with the bank's contribution, will be channeled through the Red Cross and Doctors without Borders and used for emergency humanitarian aid ' water, food and health ' and later to rebuild schools.

The Spanish people stand behind Haiti in its time of need. In five days, through BBVA's physical and virtual channels, they have donated over €1.5 million to address the most immediate effects of the devastating earthquake. In addition, the Bank will donate €1 million, which will be channeled through Red Cross and Doctors without Borders.

Customers, employees, and Spanish society as a whole stand behind the victims of the earthquake in Haiti. Through physical channels - the branch network ' and virtual ones, such as the payment channel created to this end, BBVA net and cash points and social networks (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube), which have proven to be powerful tools for humanitarian aid, the BBVA fundraising initiative, "Collaborate with Haiti" (www.colaboraconhaiti.com) has met with great success, collecting over €1.5 million in donations in Spain, in only five days.

BBVA also made a direct contribution to aid efforts for Haitian earthquake victims, donating €1 million, of which €500,000 are earmarked for emergency humanitarian aid - water, food, and health - through Red Cross and Doctors without Borders. The rest of the money will be used by Red Cross in later phases for school reconstruction.

Santiago López, head of Red Cross's Haiti Projects holds a very positive view of the generous response to fundraising efforts and believes that people understand that the Haitian population is going through an extremely difficult time. He expressed his gratitude to all the people and institutions, among which BBVA is included, which have provided the resources that make it possible for the Red Cross to carry out its work in Haiti. "We carry out the ground level work and manage the funds collected. There are no intermediaries and no commissions. As soon as donated funds enter a dedicated account, they are deployed for ground level operations".

He added that "these funds are paying for all the meal packs and first aid kits that have been sent. The Spanish Red Cross has requested that we take the helm on water distribution". Lastly, he declared, "right now we are in the first phase of the emergency, but we are already starting to plan the reconstruction of Haiti, creating a roadmap for what we are going to do in the coming months and even years".

"Doctors Without Borders is extremely grateful to BBVA and for the massive show of support from the Spanish people in response to this emergency", said Joan Tubau, Operations director for the organization. "Right now we have MSF teams on the ground treating injured people in several medical centers in Puerto Príncipe. Over 3,000 people have been treated in temporary field hospitals that have been set up, and over 500 major surgeries have been performed. We are also looking for new safe infrastructure so we can increase our capacity to provide medical attention, augmenting the new field hospital that should enter into operation in the coming hours. Meanwhile, we are evaluating the situation in outlying cities where needs are also urgent".

In addition to BBVA in Spain, BBVA Bancomer (Mexico), BBVA Colombia, BBVA Compass (US), BBVA Chile, BBVA Banco Provincial de Venezuela, BBVA Panama, BBVA Portugal and BBVA Switzerland have opened accounts to help the Haiti earthquake victims

The success of this initiative, which is due in large part to "viral" networking, shows that the internet community stands behind Haiti. The bank has mobilized society through social networks such as Twitter; Facebook, with over 12,000 followers; and YouTube, which registered over 15,000 views of a video created by BBVA to support aid efforts. All of this shows that social networks can serve as very powerful tools for humanitarian aid initiatives.

BBVA has created the website, www.colaboraconhaiti.com, which hosts a payment channel from which people can make their donations with a simple click of the mouse. Users value the speed and simplicity of the process, which only requires them to enter personal data and the amount to be contributed via a credit or debit card, and also provides the corresponding certificate of tax exemption.

Contributors who make their donations through the website payment channel, the Bank's branch network, the online banking website BBVAnet, the telephone hotline 900 22 00 55 or the Bank's extensive ATM network, will not be charged commissions.


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