BBVA Contigo provides a complement to the branch network

BBVA launches a new management service for customers that combines remote, personalized financial advice and virtual banking


The bank estimates that over a million of its customers are potential BBVA Contigo users

  • BBVA Contigo is for customers who use online channels to do their banking rather than go to the bank office, but want personalized service
  • This original initiative targets all individual customers segments of BBVA and each customer is assigned their own qualified, personal advisor
  • This product complements BBVA’s current distribution model; customers can consult their personal advisor or use the various virtual channels available at the bank at their convenience
  • Following a selective rollout, BBVA Contigo already has around 180,000 customers and 250 direct personal advisors

BBVA has unveiled BBVA Contigo, an original and innovative remote management service for customers who are unable or prefer not to travel to their bank, but want personalized advice that complements the use of remote channels. BBVA Contigo is unique. It is a universal service that targets all the bank’s individual customers. It entails personalized management (each customer is assigned their own financial advisor) and is available after banking hours. It offers customers all the normal banking operations of a branch. This new service combines physical and virtual banking and rounds off BBVA’s new customer relationship model, based on two key components: the knowledge of customer needs and a powerful IT platform.

BBVA Contigo was created in response to the growing demand for a new banking relationship model by a large number of customers. Its goal is to meet the needs of users who are unable or prefer not to travel to their bank, but want personalized advice. “There is a new banking service opportunity and we are sure that covering this need will set us apart in the industry for years to come” said Jaime Sáenz de Tejada, Head of Business Development for BBVA Spain and Portugal at the presentation of the new service today in Barcelona.

With this service, BBVA is jumping the gun on the market and devising a new relationship model between the bank and customers (in addition to the branch network) that meets the financial needs of a large percentage of its customers who use virtual channels (e.g. internet, telephone, ATMs) instead of going to their banks, and who want personalized financial advice.

With BBVA Contigo, an original and innovative remote management service, customers can choose how they want do their banking with BBVA. Each customer has a personal advisor they can contact via e-mail or phone to make inquiries or perform transactions, in addition to BBVA’s various virtual banking channels.

A complement to the branch network

BBVA Contigo is an all-new customer relationship model in the market. Its key features are:

  • Universal service: it targets all BBVA’s individual customers
  • Personalized management: each customer is assigned their own, remote financial advisor
  • Qualified advice: the service is provided by qualified BBVA professionals (EFA certified). Each user receives the level of advice required through a model that replicates the physical branch network
  • Longer business hours: the service will be available Monday through Friday, from 9:00am to 7:00pm, with  coverage outside these hours and on weekends
  • No additional cost for customers
  • Full service range: BBVA Contigo users can do virtually anything they can do at a bank office, e.g. seek advice, open an account, make an inquiry, sign up for a card, open a deposit account, acquire a mutual fund, apply for a loan
  • Multi-channel: users can perform transactions on the bank’s web (www.bbva.es), or by phone (land line or cell phone), e-mail or Correo Seguro at bbva.es. A videoconferencing service is also available to customers on demand

Over the past year, BBVA Contigo has been offered selectively to some of BBVA’s individual customers whose profile matches the features of this service. So far, 180,000 BBVA customers have signed up for BBVA Contigo, a free service that complements the physical branch network. The bank estimates that more than a million of its customers are potential BBVA Contigo users.